" Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd - Encapsulated Citric Acid

Encapsulation of Citric Acid is designed to control the release of active citric acid into its immediate surrounding.

Encapsulation prevents citric acid from premature reactions with acid-sensitive components in dry mixtures. When stirred into liquids the citric acid is released and can be used as reagent or as flavor enhancer. Variations in the coating layer thickness and coating materials of the Citric Acid allows for fine control over the release pattern, enabling full tailoring of the product to meet the customer's unique requirements. The trigger mechanism releasing the active material can be designed to be dependent on heat, pH, time, digestion etc. Benefits include: -

  • Protection of other ingredients from reacting with citric acid.
  • Preventing unwanted reactions with carbonates.
  • Allowing temperature controlled release of citric acid
  • Protection against moisture, micro-organisms, oxygen, temperature and undesirable chemical reactions.


Download PDF's:

Specification Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet