" Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd - Tri Calcium Citrate Anhydrous

GBi's Tri Calcium Citrate Anhydrous is non-GMO.

Studies show higher bioavailability of organic forms of Calcium such as Tri Calcium Citrate compared to inorganic forms. Calcium Citrate can be taken with or without food whereas Calcium Carbonate should be taken with food as it relies on stomach acid to be absorbed. Calcium Citrate is particularly useful for people with achlorhydria, inflammatory bowel disease, or following gastric bypass surgery.

GBi's Tri Calcium Citrate Anhydrous offers a higher Calcium content than the more comonly used Tetrahydrate form, and Low Heavy Metals.

Calcium Citrate Anhydrous is available in 25-kg cartons.


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Specification Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet